Music Theory Lesson in Singapore

ABRSM Music Theory

Music Theory lesson for ABRSM syllabus Grade 1 to 8. The instructor is an experienced music theory teacher and has taught students of various ages. He teaches according to the ABRSM syllabus and most of his students have obtained good results for the music theory examinations.

Why do you need to learn music theory?
Music literacy is one of the fundamental skills required by musicians. It enables musicians to read and interpret music.

Most music learners in Singapore study music theory with the aim of obtaining a Grade 5 certification in music theory. This is because the prerequisite of registering a higher-grade music performance exam (Grade 6 and above) is Grade 5 in music theory. Some of these music learners have the ambition to become a music teacher or musician (either full-time or part-time). They will eventually obtain a Diploma in music performance (e.g. ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, etc.), and some of them may pursue higher education in music at local or overseas institutions or conservatories.

However, there are also leisure music learners who obtain Grade 5 in music theory. They feel that it is important to be proficient (to an adequate level) in reading and interpreting music, so that, they can perform their favourite pieces (e.g. popular songs, classical pieces, etc.).

In general, learning music theory requires the music learners to spend some time to do their homework (e.g. music theory exercises, past year papers, etc.) after each lesson. They should allocate some time to complete their music theory homework weekly.

What is the average duration to complete the ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5 syllabus?
6 to 12 months (From Grade 1 to 5).

What is the average duration to complete the ABRSM Music Theory Grade 6 to 8 syllabus?
18 months to 30 months (depending on individual student’s progress).

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