Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) Lesson in Singapore

Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flutes)

Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) lesson for children and adults. The instructor is an experienced woodwind teacher with Dizi teaching experience in public schools, community clubs and private music schools. He has taught students of various ages and adopts a progressive training method.

What are the differences between the Dizi and the western flute?
Dizi is usually made of bamboo, whereas the flute is usually made of metal. There are also other variants of the Dizi and flute which are made by other materials.

The Dizi is considered a diatonic instrument and it usually has six tone holes (按孔). In addition, it has a membrane-hole where a piece of membrane (笛膜) is pasted over it. The membrane causes the Dizi to have a unique “buzzing” tone. The flute is a chromatic instrument with metal keys. It has a clear and sweet tone.

Why do I need more than one Dizi?
Unlike the flute, the Dizi has limitations in playing semitones and cross fingerings are usually needed (includes covering half of the tone hole). Therefore, a set of Dizi(s) of different keys is usually needed for an orchestra piece. However, a leisure Dizi player might not need too many Dizi(s) if he/she is not playing in a Chinese orchestra.

Is there any prerequisite for learning the Dizi?
No, you do not need to have any music background for learning the Dizi. The instructor will adjust his teaching methods to suit students of different music and cultural background. However, time commitment is required for all music learners as they need to find time to practise on a regular basis apart from the weekly lessons.

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Note: Dizi Lesson is currently unavailable.

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