Saxophone Lesson

Alto Saxophone

Saxophone lesson for children and adults. The instructor is an experienced woodwind teacher, and he teaches the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. He has taught students of various ages and adopts a progressive training method.

What type of saxophone (soprano / alto / tenor) should a beginner purchase?
The alto saxophone is recommended for a beginner. However, there are cases where a young beginner starts with the curved soprano saxophone as the alto saxophone is too large for them. The intonation of the soprano saxophone is more difficult to control. There are also cases where an adult beginner starts with the tenor saxophone.

Is there any prerequisite for learning the saxophone?
No, you do not need to have any music background for learning the saxophone. The instructor will adjust his teaching methods to suit students of different music and cultural background. However, time commitment is required for all music learners as they need to find time to practise on a regular basis apart from the weekly lessons.

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