30 reeds Sheng
The 30-reed Soprano Sheng is fully chromatic and it has a range of 2.5 octaves (c#1 – f#3). It is designed by Mr Dickson So in the 1990s. The design of this Sheng is based on the 36-reed Soprano Keyed Sheng and the fingering is similar.

The advantages of this Sheng are:
1) It can be played in the standing position (hand-held).
2) The Sheng player is able to perform the traditional Sheng techniques on this Sheng.
3) This Sheng is portable.

This Sheng is recommended for:
1) 36-reed Soprano Keyed Sheng player who wish to play the traditional Sheng solo pieces without learning a new set of fingering.
2) Any Sheng player who prefer to own a decent traditional Sheng with a fully chromatic range.



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