Sopranino Saxophone

This Eb Sopranino Saxophone is my cute little saxophone among my other saxophones (Soprano / Alto / Tenor). It is unbranded and is made in a Taiwan saxophone factory located in Houli District (后里區). Its range is from low Bb (sounding Ab) to high E (sounding D), and the keywork design is similar to the Yanagisawa SN-981 Sopranino Saxophone. The Eb Sopranino Saxophone is one octave higher than the Eb Alto Saxophone. It is considered the second smallest member of the saxophone family. The Bb Soprillo Saxophone is the smallest saxophone and is one octave higher than the Bb Soprano Saxophone.

Usual setup
Selmer Paris S80 D sopranino mouthpiece
Rovner MK III saxophone ligature
Vandoren Traditional sopranino saxophone reed (strength: 3.0)