Sheng Solo – Thoughts 0716

“Thoughts 0716”, composed for 37-reed Sheng and Spiral Didgeridoo. This piece consists of 5 sections: Birth, Child, Adult, Work and Death.

Spiral Didgeridoo

This piece is composed based on a book “Art as Experience” by John Dewey (1859 – 1952). This book explores the development of an experience through art making. The composer makes use of the human body (performer) and instruments (Sheng and Didgeridoo) to create a music experience for the audience. From the start to the end of the performance, the audience will experience a combination of sound effects, music melodies and body movements.

This piece was completed in July 2016 and was composed at multiple locations by using a music notation software installed in the mobile phone and computer. The inspirations of the piece came from the surroundings of multiple locations at that particular moment.

The music style of this piece is inspired by Wu Wei (Germany/China) and Kitaro (Japan). This piece is a combination of new age and experimental music genres. In addition, it merges with the “Art as Experience” theme to create a piece where there is no definite meaning to each section of the piece. Any performer of “Thoughts 0716” is free to interpret the music based on their thoughts and moods. Every audience should have a different experience.

This piece of music is also a piece of abstract art on paper and it becomes an abstract performance when it is performed by a performer.

Composer and Performer: Chris Lim

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