Antigua Curved Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

This Antigua curved soprano saxophone is made of yellow brass with clear lacquer finish. It is made in Taiwan and the model of this saxophone is SS3159. The curved soprano saxophone looks like a mini alto saxophone which is around 3/4 of the size of an alto saxophone.

I have tried various Taiwanese curved soprano saxophones and Antigua curved soprano saxophone is considered one of the best curved soprano saxophones in terms of intonation.

Usually, many curved soprano saxophones (excludes Yanagisawa and Rampone & Cazzani) have intonation problems with the lowest few notes. However, the intonation of the Antigua curved soprano saxophone is pretty good. This curved soprano saxophone also has a big sound and solid key mechanisms.

Generally, the straight soprano saxophone is more commonly used as compared to the curved soprano saxophone. The straight soprano saxophone usually has a one-piece body or it comes with two necks (straight and curved). Some manufacturers even produced the ‘Saxello’ version which was introduced in 1924-1925. Yamaha also produced one-piece straight soprano saxophone with a curved neck (model: YSS-82ZR).

Usual setup
Selmer Paris S90 (190) soprano saxophone mouthpiece
Vandoren M|O soprano saxophone ligature
Vandoren Java “Filed – Red Cut” soprano saxophone reed (strength: 2.5)

Note: There are also many good curved soprano saxophones (vintage or modern) in the market which are not mentioned on this webpage.

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