About the website

The objective of this website is to introduce the Chinese Mouth Organ – Sheng(笙)to people from all over the world. Although the Sheng is an ancient Chinese traditional wind instrument, it is now able to play many different genres of music besides Chinese classical/folk music.

This website was launched on 22 November 2003 with a different website name and domain name. The website and domain names were changed again after a few years.

Old website names:
1) Tunes of the Sheng (Version 1)
2) theshengplayer.com (Version 2)

Old domain names:
1) www.geocities.com/chinesesheng (Version 1)
2) www.theshengplayer.com (Version 2)

The website was shut down on 29 November 2010. On 11 August 2015, The Sheng Player website was re-created with a new domain name (www.theshengplayer.net).

About the sheng player

Chris Sheng

Chris Lim was an active Sheng player during his younger days. He performed his first Sheng solo at the Victoria Concert Hall (Singapore) in 1997. He switched to learn the clarinet and saxophone at a later stage. He has taught in public schools, community clubs, private music schools and organisations in Singapore.

In 2014, he was invited to present a seminar on “Chinese free-reed instrument – Sheng” at the first Singapore Woodwind Festival. Chris is currently pursuing his Master of Arts degree at LASALLE College of the Arts.


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