FAQ about the Sheng

Sheng Reeds

“FAQ about the Sheng” is a section where you can find frequently asked questions by Sheng lovers or people who wish to know more about Sheng. Various emails from Sheng lovers have been organised and posted under this FAQ section.

1) Sheng – chords, dynamic range, etc.
2) Sheng – servicing and maintenance / Sho (Japanese Sheng) – tuning (Part 1)
3) Sheng – servicing and maintenance (Part 2)
4) Sheng – harmonics, altered tone, chords with very large intervals between notes
5) Sheng – technical skills, polyphonic works, etc.
6) Sheng – tonal structure
7) History of the Sheng and other free-reed instruments
8) Sheng – poor response of the reeds
9) Sheng – no sound, unwanted sounds, cleaning

If you have any questions about Sheng, please contact me through the online form.
Thank you.

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