Sheng – poor response of the reeds

Subject: Re: My new Sheng
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 00:25:19 +0800
From: Chris Lim
To: Bjoern Walter

Hi Bjoern,

Sorry for the late reply. You can try to pull out those pipes which have poor response and blow directly at the end of the pipe where the reed is. Please do not touch the reeds (mouth/tongue) while blowing directly at the end of the pipe. (Note: Pull out the pipe one by one and put it back after blowing. Do not pull out all the pipes together, just in case, you could not put those pipes back in the correct order.) Let me know if this does not work. Thanks!

Chris Lim

From: Bjoern Walter
To: Chris Lim
Sent: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 20:05:38 +0800
Subject: My new Sheng

Hello, please let me at first introduce myself. I am an german expat living in China. As i love the sound of the sheng i bought myself an instrument. At the moment i am trying to learn the basic playing techniques but i have one question. The different pipes do not respond the same when i blow into the sheng. Some respond immediately some only work when i blow stronger into the sheng. Could this be caused because the instrument is brand new. Does it need some playing before it works perfectly? Maybe you can help.

Best regards

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